September 10 to 16, 2010 - Even more from Northern Indiana

We me up with the "Friends of Rainbow Plantation" for a potluck dinner on September 10th at the Goshen fairgrounds.  We brought KFC chicken since we didn't have our RV close by.

Who do you recognize in these photos?

Diane, Diane and Norm in this one:

Don and a bit of Gloria in this one.

Judy and Darrell:

Norm, Linda and Darrell in this one:

There were others we visited with that didn't end up in photos like Rich.

Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore September 12, Part 1, Part 2

September 14th we met up with Denny and Linda for dinner at Between the Buns.  We had last seen them in Myrtle Beach, SC in October.

This photo was taken by the waitress using Linda's camera:

Linda and Denny were also in a motel due to repairs and Patches was not happy:

Escapade as walk-ins on September 15th

On our own we also ate at Fazoli's and again at Kelly Jae's during this time.  Kelly Jae's is dangerous, it is excellent, addicting and a bit more than we prefer spending.

We should be getting the motorhome back next week.  We are ready.

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