September 17 to 25, 2010 - We get the motorhome back

We  took a drive on September 17th and ended up around Warsaw, Indiana where we decided to stop for lunch at Boathouse Restaurant on the recommendation of others. 

Photos of the restaurant and our meal.

After getting home we found out that Don and Sharon had moved to Warsaw.  Timing is everything.

September 18 we attended the Nappanee Apple Festival with Dave and Elinore who had moved to Newmar's water and electric lot to get estimates for repairs.   Here are some photos of the festival.

Monday the 20th they got us back the motorhome just after lunch with a few things left to do.  It looks pretty good.

But not when we looked closely.

They took it back to do some touch up and finish the work.  Since we had already paid for the motel that night we did not move in.  That was a good move since the motorhome was not ready until Wednesday. 

Wednesday we met up with Elinore and Dave in Shipshewana, where we went to Lambright Comfort Chairs to make sure our chair was ready and had a very nice lunch at the Shipshewana Auction Restaurant. 

That afternoon our motorhome was ready:

Everything is now done.  It is up to us to see if more is needed and pay the bill.

We spent the afternoon and evening moving back in from the motel.  They wanted us to stay a couple nights and take it for a test drive to make sure things were done.  Since that took us to the weekend we decided to stay until Sunday when they needed the campsite for Monday appointments. 

The motorhome was not perfect, but was about like it was new so we were satisfied and paid the bill.

Friday morning we took the motorhome to Lambright Comfort Chairs, an Amish company south of Shipshewana, to get our recliner changed out from a fixed one to one that could move.  That was a good test drive since it was windy and we had some rain.  Once the chair was swapped by a brother and sister team, we headed back to our Newmar spot.  The "test drive" was 73 miles.

Here is the new chair with Evita checking it out.  Diane picked the color from memory since the motorhome was inaccessible and did a great job.  The "computer table" folds down and is removable. 

During this time we got to visit a short time with Rich and Diane, had some longer visits with Norm and Linda including going to dinner, and more visiting with Elinore and Dave.

Other places we ate during this time are Between the Buns, Culver's, Mad Anthony's, Steak & Shake and Fazoli's. 

Sunday we will move on.  We have an appointment at Spartan in Charlotte, MI, that was postponed from the 20th.

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