September 26 to 30, 2010 - Indiana to Michigan to Indiana

We decided to move to a campground we know Sunday so we drove 24 miles to Elkhart Campground.  Our last stay here was in August 2009.

Notice how the new paint reflects?

It was nice to come somewhere familiar and set up like a normal travel day.  We ended up going out to dinner at Chili's in Goshen.

Monday we moved 117 miles to Spartan Custom Chassis's customer campground in Charlotte, MI, which is electric only.  Our last stay here was in October 2006.

Spartan started at 7AM, an hour later than Newmar, but it was still early for us.  It was also raining in the morning, but had let up by the time we had to break camp.

We moved to Evelyn Bay Coffee Company in Charlotte for breakfast and wifi for our notebook computers.

After that we toured around town, which had not changed much in four years.  We had a good lunch at Eaton's Place, which we were familiar with.   Evita was not too bad in the car since the weather was cool and she likes that.

Spartan fixed everything we asked for by early afternoon including the speedometer.  The speedometer issue was a bad resistor, a weak resistor and some corroded connections. 

Spartan also tightened and adjusted our front suspension and said we would eventually need new ball joints but that should be some years off.  They also installed a new exhaust pipe, which looks better than the original.  We needed a new tail pipe since the old one was damaged during our towing mishap in August.

September 29th we hitched up and drove south, ending the day 188 miles later at Timberline Valley RV Resort in Anderson, Indiana.   It was nice to have a reliable speedometer.  We could use cruise control.

Checking in right before us was a couple that looked vaguely familiar.  It turned out to be Gregg and Lynette, whom Bill knew from the RV-Dreams forum.  We are parked next to each other, but if we had known in advance our doors would face instead of the driver's sides.

It was nice to get to know Gregg and Lynette and we hope to meet somewhere else on the road and visit more.

This area had not seen rain since late July but we had multiple rains in northern Indiana the last few weeks.  What a difference a hundred miles makes.

The next day we drove the 45 minutes into Indianapolis.  We stopped at Fry's Electronics and Costco, both places we had not seen for a few months.  We also had lunch at an On the Border, a restaurant chain we had also not seen in a while.

Now we are off to Branson, Missouri.

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