October 1 to 9, 2010 - Villa Ridge and Hollister (Branson), Missouri

We left Anderson, Indiana on October 1st and headed to Missouri.  It was not that bad getting around Indianapolis on the east beltway.  The plan was to stop on the east side of St. Louis for the night but with a time zone change in our favor and Bill feeling good about driving we worked our way through St. Louis. It was not as easy as Indianapolis but doable, and drove west into Missouri.  After 342 miles we were camped at Pin Oak Creek RV Park in Villa Ridge, Missouri.

Getting into place and set up was quite easy for us but we got to watch two other campers with problems, including one hitting something the campground needed to repair.

October 2nd we drove 214 miles to Turkey Creek RV Village Escapees park in Hollister, MO, just across Turkey Creek from Branson, Missouri. Here is our campsite.

We had to park the car across the road, but it was nice spot.

The dog run and highway are close by.

October 3rd we drove around the area to familiarize ourselves with the routes.  We had a nice lunch at Thai Thai Cuisine.

October 4th at Branson Landing - photos and videos

We went to the Acrobats of China show at 3PM on the 4th and it was quite good.  They do some amazing things.

Scenic photos from drive to Showboat

Showboat Branson Belle, October 5th at 4PM, Part 1, Part 2

When we came back we found that Dave and Elinore had followed us from Nappanee.  That was a nice surprise.

October 6th photos around the campground.  Here is Turkey Creek with the other side being in Branson.

Nice flowers.

Elinore loves to decorate for holidays.

That night we saw SIX and it was great.  It was our favorite show we saw and we highly recommend it.  Dave and Elinore had seen it on their previous visit and also recommended it.  Six brothers who do all the singing and also imitate all the instruments with their voices.

Ride the Ducks on October 7th, Part 1, Part 2

The four of us drove up to Ozark, about a 45 minute drive for dinner at Lambert's.  It was fun and we think a bit better than the Lambert's in Foley, AL.  On the way out we ran into the people who sat in front of us on the Duck, what a small world.

Branson Landing night show photos and videos that night

October 8th our new magnetic sunscreens arrived that we ordered from http://www.westerndiscovery.net/ while at the Escapade.  You first put them up temporarily to let the fabric settle so in these photos the fabric is not tight.  We think they look quite good.

Evita had to check out the box the shades came in and slid all the way down

We laid the box on the ground and she came out.  Typical cat behavior.

That evening we saw our last show, Kirby VanBurch, a magician.  He was quite good and entertaining.

On the morning of the 9th we permanently installed the magnets for the new sunshades.  It was a hot day and we did not take photos of the finished look with the shades nice and tight.  We visited with Dave and Elinore during the day and we all went to dinner at Thai Thai Cuisine, which was even better for dinner than lunch.

Branson turned out fun even for us. 

Now we are off to the west while Dave and Elinore stay a few more days before going south and then east to Florida.  We really enjoyed being with them and we think they must feel the same since they followed us to Branson.

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