August 2, 2010 - Towing problem and Moses Lake, WA

We left Rochester on August 2nd and headed north on I-5.  Our plan was to make at least Spokane.  It was not to be. 

When we turned onto WA-18 we saw the front of the car was pulled off and the car was not tracking right.  Over to the shoulder we went.  Luckily the car went to the passenger side and we did not have an accident.  Bill went right to work getting the car disconnected from the motorhome while Diane made phone calls.  Only after the car and motorhome were separated did Bill realize he should take photos 

It looked worse when Bill started:

The broken weld on the towing baseplate:

The other end that broke.

Still attached on the driver's side:

The only damage to the motorhome was that the tail pipe was crushed a bit.

Bill duct taped the front of the car together and we drove separately to a local Wal-Mart parking lot.  Bill used a crowbar to open the motorhome tail pipe back up and our insurance sent us to a local body shop.

The body shop was Thoroughbred Collision and did a great job with the estimate and making the car drivable, all for free.  They sent us everything in email including lots of photos.

We were incredibly lucky.

Once we determined we were drivable we called up Pier 4 Resort in Moses Lake and drove separately to it with Diane driving the motorhome.

After a 238 mile day here we are in the overflow camping at Pier 4.  Our last stop here was in July 2009 where we had a nicer campsite.  We can't complain, we had a place to stay.

See how nice the car looks?

Our neighbor walking her cat.

Now we have a long drive to Missoula and we have to drive separately.

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