July 24 to August 1, 2010 - Shelton and Rochester (Olympia), WA

On July 24th we drove 67 miles to the Shelton, WA Elks lodge for a couple nights.  Even though Shelton is close to Olympia we never seem to get here while visiting Olympia so we made a special stop.

Our campsite.

The lodge is up there, the Moose meet downstairs and the Elks upstairs.

We came to see Joy and Phil, who we last saw in Florida last February just after Joy had open heart surgery.  They have bought a fixer upper mobile to live in when in the area and are making it livable.  At this time they are camped here next to their friend's house:

You can read more about their remodeling and any traveling here.

It was hot this day, way above normal for Shelton.

Their great granddaughter was with them for the weekend so we all went to the local fair and rodeo.

Mason County Fair and Rodeo Photos and Videos

Sunday we got together with Joy and Phil after their great granddaughter went back home.  We ended up out to eat at Royal Shanghai, a Chinese buffet in Shelton.  Here are a couple group photos.

It is hard to believe Joy had open heart surgery just a few months ago, she was full of life and energy.

We got up on the 26th to a deer going through the campground.

That is a moose, not a buck deer, lady.

Then we broke camp and drove 37 miles to Outback RV Park in Rochester, where we were last in May.

From here we visited with Bill's mother and friends.  Friends we saw were Michael and Rex at Red Robin and Carl, Laureen and Fuchsia at their house.  Other places we ate were Happy Teriyaki, the Little Creek Casino buffet, Falls Terrace, Burgerville, and Budd Bay Cafe.

From here we are heading east and away for the winter.

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