July 6 to 23, 2010 - Poulsbo, WA

July 6th we drove 161 miles to Eagle Tree RV Resort in Poulsbo, WA and got our favorite campsite.  We were last here in July 2009.

The view at the house was quite nice.

Brandy had some fur grow back a different color so she is now nicknamed, "Patches".

Gregg was going to make our front TV trim look better so Bill and Gregg removed the old trim so Gregg could use it as a template.

July 9th many were already here for the yearly family gathering/reunion.

Photos and video from the main Family Gathering Day, July 10, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Another day the tide was way out.

Great Blue Heron.

Our friend John came over one day and we had lunch at Azteca.

July 15 free concert at the Clearwater Casino

Cute car and trailer seen at the campground, though they were not staying, just visiting.

One day we went up to visit friends at the Chimacum SKP Co-op.  We visited Don and Nicky, and also Brent and Diane.  Brent and Diane were some of the people we visited in Port Saint Lucie, FL last December.

Another free concert on the 22nd, but not as good so we left early.

The new TV trim was now finished.  Compare it to the old.

Some of the other relatives came towards the end of our visit and had fun.

We ate at the Clearwater Casino, New Kings Wok, Azteca, Taprock, Red Robin, Pho T&N, 123 Thai, and Pho Tai while in the area. 

The one piece of sadness was hearing from Mike that his wife Michelle had passed.  We were really glad we were able to visit them in June when she was doing well between chemo treatments.  We had hoped it was not our last visit, but that is the way it goes.

Now we are off to see some other friends and Bill's mother.

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