June 21 to July 5, 2010 - Tumwater and Ilwaco, WA

June 21st we pulled out of TT Leavenworth earlier than our normal time and headed west over the Cascade Mountains.  Diane had an optometrist appointment for a special test in Redmond and we needed to get her to it.  There were no delays so we arrived in time to have lunch before the appointment.  We parked on the street in Redmond and had lunch at Gyro World before her appointment.

There was a Google photographer taking photos in Gyro World so parts of our arms and/or torsos might end up "'famous".

After her appointment, we headed south and fueled up at Flying J in Fife where we saw this interesting bus.

After 175 miles we were parked in front of Bill's mother's mobile home for the night in Tumwater.  We had visited in May but stayed at a campground, our last stop in front was in August 2008.

We had dinner at Budd Bay Cafe that evening. 

June 22nd we ran errands with Bill's mother in the morning and then headed to Ilwaco.

Photos of Raymond metal sculptures while driving through

After 112 miles we were at Eagle's Nest RV Park in Ilwaco in our favorite campsite.  Our last stay here was in June 2009.


Diane's parents moved up to the area after a few days and we spent a lot of time at the store in Chinook helping out.

A chickadee in the campground.

A goldfinch at our feeder.  Evita really likes it when the birds find the feeder.

At the Astoria Farmer's market.

These people make great bread.

Wayne added a pond by the store.

Diane's sister Kimberly came for a few days with husband, Dennis, and children Alex and Emily.  It was the first time we had met Emily since she was born last summer.

June 30th at Fort Columbia State Park

June 30th at Fort Clatsop (Lewis and Clark National Historical Park)

We could watch the Ilwaco fireworks from Eagle's Nest's deck on July 3rd.

Video #1 of Ilwaco Fireworks (WMV 545KB)

Video #2 of Ilwaco Fireworks (WMV 686KB)

July 4th we again visited the Astoria Farmer's Market.

The evening we went to Colleen's in Long Beach to watch fireworks.

Long Beach Fireworks Photos and Video

July 5th we rested.  The goldfinches were still enjoying our feeder.

Pictures around Eagle's Nest

We had many meals out during our stay, often with Diane's parents.  We ate multiple times at Dooger's in Warrenton, and single times at Beach Burrito in Astoria, El Compadre in Long Beach, Long Beach Thai, Baked Alaska in Astoria and the Lost Roo in Long Beach.

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