June 7 to 20, 2010 - Richland and Leavenworth, WA

We left Enumclaw on June 7th in the rain and drove 200 miles over the Cascade Mountains to Horn Rapids RV Resort in Richland, WA where it was sunny.   When in this area, we normally have stayed at Sandy Heights in Pasco, like our last stop in June 2008.  But since our friends Dan and Jenny were here, we decided to try this place.  We liked this campground and will come back.

Here is our campsite:

Dan and Jenny are just across the road with their white windshield.

We spent a week in the area but were not much for photo taking.  We visited with Dan and Jenny, who left before us on the 12th, with Dave, Kay and Shannon, with Diane's brother Leo and his girlfriend Carol, with Yasuhiro and Wanda, and Bill got a short visit in with Kent.  It was a very nice stay.  While in town we had meals at Sterling's, Isla Bonita, Red Robin, King & I, and Ripples (Hanford House).   We even had a couple days that were warm enough to wear shorts.

June 14th we drove 164 miles to TT Leavenworth.  Our last stay was in June 2009.

We got a very nice full hookup campsite that had plenty of room.

Lots of extra space.

June 14th Nature Trail, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

June 15th we went into town for a few hours.

This fudge shop was closed.

But not in an emergency (we removed the phone number)

We had a nice lunch at Pavz and enjoyed talking with a couple from Kelowna, BC, who always eat at Pavz when in town.

We also went into town on the 17th for a short visit and had lunch at Cafe Mozart.

June 17th Walk on the Upper Lazy Horse Trail, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

June 18th trip to Cashmere

June 18th on the Nature Trail, Part 1, Part 2

That evening Peggy, Jim and McLean came to stay with us again just like the year before.

June 19th day with family

June 20th Jim, Peggy, and McLean were leaving so we took two vehicles and went to take the Hidden Lake Trail by Lake Wenatchee.

Nice nature stuff.

Hidden Lake.

It did rain while we were hiking, but we enjoyed it anyway.

Here is McLean looking at the lake.

Once we were done with the trail they headed back home to Seattle and we went back to our campsite.  We were heading over the mountains the next morning ourselves.

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