July 23 to 31, 2009 - Eastern WA, Montana and North Dakota

We left Rochester on July 23rd and headed east.  Here is the drop down to the Columbia River at Vantage on I-90.

The bridge over the river:

The wild horse statues on the east side.

After 236 miles we were parked at Pier 4 Resort in Moses Lake, WA.  We last stayed here in July 2007.  We did not unhitch the car for this stop.

The next day we drove 298 miles to Jim and Mary's RV Park in Missoula, MT.  We last stayed here in July 2008.

We went to Costco and a couple other stores to restock and had a very nice lunch at the Montana Club on the 25th.

On the 26th we continued our trip east.   We were going to miss the festival east of Missoula.

After 299 miles we landed at Old West RV Park in Reed Point, MT where we last stopped in June 2008.

July 27th we had decided to make even a longer day's drive than we had been doing, to Medora, ND.  It ended being 342 miles before we were camped at Red Trail Campground.

We had a nice campsite and this is our view south.

We walked into town and checked out some of the stores and learned there are virtually no groceries available in town.  Since we did not have picnic lunch supplies that means we will go into Dickinson on the 28th and then the to North Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  We did buy nuts at Chateau Nuts, which we found in August 2003 and quite enjoyed.

July 28th trip to the North Unit and Painted Canyon, Part 1, Part 2

July 29th trip to the South Unit, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

July 30th we drove 38 miles to the North Park Campground in Dickinson, North Dakota where our friends Fred and Jo were camped with Ian and Margaret.  

Here are the three RVs, ours on left, then Fred and Jo's and then Ian and Margaret's:

We last met up with Fred and Jo in Astoria, OR on August 12, 2007 and tracked them through their travel journal.  We had only known Ian and Margaret from their travel journal.

We visited with everyone and got to know Ian and Margaret.

Max is Ian and Margaret's cat that goes out of doors:

From left, Margaret, Jo and Fred:

We went out to dinner at the Brickhouse Grill and had a wonderful meal.  A bit more money than any of us expected in Dickinson, but the meal was worth the money.

Boo Boo, Jo and Fred's famous dog:

Boo Boo loved Diane and was glued to her:

Margaret with Diane in back on left, Ian, Jo and Fred front to back on right.  This was our much cheaper meal at Perkins the second night.

We were very glad to take a couple days out of our trip east and visit with our friends.  Isn't that the idea?

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