July 19 to 22, 2009 - Rochester (Olympia), WA

July 19th we were free to leave Poulsbo.  Our shower was fixed and the doctors didn't need to see Bill or Diane any more.  We headed south.  At our lunch stop we saw this rare motorhome, a Newmar NewAire.  Only a few were ever made. 

After 97 miles we were back at Outback RV Park in Rochester, WA in the same campsite as our visit in June.

Originally we were going to visit with Bill's mother a couple days before she and friend Peg went to Ocean Shores, WA for a few days.  But Peg was not well after surgery so we visited a couple more days. 

Peg was well enough to join the three of us for dinner at Budd Bay Cafe one evening.

Mike M. came over to the motorhome for a short visit while we were in town.

We also ate at Burgerville (Centralia), Happy Teriyaki, and Plaza Jalisco this visit. 

Now we are heading east to see the Canadian Maritimes.

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