September 2 to 9, 2010 - More from northern Indiana

We continue to live in a motel room while the motorhome gets worked on. 

But luckily we have RV friends in the area.  One day we visited with Jim and Chris and later with Janice and Dean.  While visiting with Janice and Dean, Anne called and the four of us joined a group for dinner at Olive Garden.

We only managed to snag one photo at dinner. This is Henry, Anne and their daughter.

Rich and Diane are in the area.  Here is their motorhome with the new HD dish on the roof.  The four of us went to Between the Buns for the Tuesday $3.99 cheeseburger and fries deal on the 7th.  We ran into the group we had dinner at Olive Garden with while there.

September 8th we drove over to Shipshewana, had lunch at Blue Gate Restaurant, bought some things at the huge flea market, bought some spices at Yoder's Meat and Cheese and then headed to Lambright's Comfort Chairs.  Turns out they could make us the chair we wanted in the time we were local so we ordered one.

Then we headed to the fairgrounds in Goshen to see Dennis and Carol and anyone else that was there. 

We needed to deliver a notepad holder since Diane had finished it.

The stray kitten that they are trying to find a home for.

It is a sweet and loving kitten but we can't take it.

Later on we had a big group inside their motorhome for dinner.

(Not shown is Marlene, who was too close to the cameraman to get a candid photo.)

Then the group, named the "Elkhart Gang", had to do a water gun attack on the Goshen Gang.

Video of attack on Goshen Gang (1.61MB WMV)

You can read Dennis's blog,, for his version of our time.

We really miss our motorhome since if we had it we would be in Goshen with everyone.  Of course that isn't the only reason we miss it.

Our espresso machine, bought a year earlier in Elkhart got clogged internally.  Bill got the largest screwdriver he could to remove a large brass screw to clean it.  It would not budge and being brass it was easy to strip the screw head.  We ended up buying another espresso machine.  Hopefully, this one lasts.

Other restaurants we ate at during this time were Angler's Inn (Lunker's in Edwardsburg, MI), Golden Egg Pancake House in Elkhart, and Houlihan's. 

We learned from Newmar that our motorhome is in the paint shop and should be done late next week.  We are ready.

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