August 25 to September 1, 2010 - Joliet, IL and the first days in N. Indiana

We left Portage, WI on August 25th and drove south on I-39 into Illinois until we intersected I-80 and headed east to Joliet, IL.  The GPS said to go through Chicago, but we knew better and went around it.  From reports of others we did well, especially with construction around Chicago.  After 223 miles we were at the Empress Casino RV Park.  We were last camped here in August 2009.

We did not do that much this stay, mostly we were getting mentally prepared for our long stay in a motel.

Bill did wander over to take photos of the casino itself from the top of the parking garage.  Yes, it is a riverboat casino.

August 27th we headed east 131 miles to Newmar Corporations Service Center in Nappanee, IN.  Our last stay here was in October 2006.   We were in this same campsite in October 2005.

We are here to get our outside walls replaced due to a fiberglass defect.  We feel lucky Newmar is still alive since the other RV manufacturers with the same issue have gone bankrupt, though two are back in operation after reorganization.  Newmar is sharing the cost of our repair.

We spent Saturday finding an extended stay motel and Sunday we moved into it.  Evita spent the night in the motel room while we stayed in the motorhome to hand it over at 6AM Monday morning, August 30th.  After that we went back to the motel room and had breakfast.

August 31st we went to Elkhart Campground for a day pass to the Gypsy Journal Rally.  We caught up with Jim and Chris over dinner at Between the Buns and then headed back to the rally for the Hoosier Honey Beauty Contest.

Photos and videos from the Hoosier Honey Beauty Contest.

September 1st we arranged to get a couple more things out of the motorhome.  Here are photos of how much they had done in 2-1/2 days.

We learned that when finished someone will spend about five hours cleaning the inside.  That will be really nice.  Once painting starts we will probably not have any access until it is completed.

After visiting the motorhome we went back to the Gypsy Journal Rally and visited the vendors.  We ordered new sunscreens that attach with strong magnets.  That should be better on the paint than how we put on and take off the current sunscreens.

Photos of our first floor corner motel room.  They supplied a box so we could hook the Wii up. Plus we have places for computers and wifi.

Evita has made herself at home.

The bed area.

We have a full kitchen and here is Diane making dinner.

Yes, there is a full bathroom, but you don't need a photo of that.

The motel room is about twice the size of the motorhome but much less storage. 

This is "home" for two to three weeks.

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