August 23 to 24, 2010 - Portage and Baraboo, WI

We left Minnesota and drove 257 miles Southeast to Sky High Camping Resort in Portage, IL.   Our last stay here was in August 2009.

The next day we had lunch and then drove to neighboring Baraboo to see the Circus World Museum.  We thought it would take a couple hours and we were there all afternoon.

The front of the museum.

The museum is on both sides of the river.

We went to five performances and enjoyed them.  No photos or videos are allowed to be taken at the performances. 

Lots of stuff for kids:

Lots of wagons, some are in the process of being restored.

A band organ.

About this band organ.

A 20 second video of the band organ playing (2.58MB WMV)

The full 2:45 minute band organ demonstration (20.3MB WMV)

The elephants.  One thing we did not do is ride the elephants, which was an option.

Lots of nice displays like this huge miniature circus.

Beautiful costumes, including elephant ones.

We took many more photos, but you have to go yourself.  We were glad we took the time.  Since all they had were burgers and such we were glad we had lunch before attending.

Now we are off to Illinois.

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