August 15 to 22, 2010 - Alexandria and Prior Lake (Minneapolis), MN

We left Menoken, ND on August 15th and headed east into Minnesota.  After 280 miles we were camped at Lakes Motel and RV Park in Alexandria, MN for the night.

We didn't go anywhere in town so we charged the car battery which is why the hood is up.

August 16th we headed to the Minneapolis/St Paul area.  We hit one construction zone and our GPS took us on a detour and it actually worked for a large rig.  After 148 miles we were camped at Dakotah Meadows RV Park in Prior Lake, MN.  Our last stay here was in August 2009.

We could only stay for four nights because the campground was full for the big Pow Wow during the weekend, but by later in the week they had enough cancellations so we could stay a full week.

Our main reason to visit was to see cousin Sarah, who now lives here.  We spent some of most days we were in the area with her.  We are the first ones to visit her from Washington state. 

Here are some of the flowers around the casino.

See the Hummingbird Moth (also called a Sphinx Moth) in the next two photos?

Nice sunset.

Sarah and Evita enjoying each other's company.

In the evening there were many frogs around.  This was a large one.

Size contrast on two frogs.

Wacipi 2010 Pow Wow on August 21st

Before dark we came back to our motorhome since it was too crowded at the Pow Wow.

The Pow Wow had fireworks scheduled at 10PM.  But they actually started at 9:50PM and startled us all with the noise. Evita went behind the couch.  We did not realize we had a good spot to see the fireworks so we did not have a tripod set up for the camera so we had to take handheld photos.  Here is what a handheld photo looked like:

The videos were better.

Video #1 (3.42MB WMV)

Video #2 (3.18MB WMV)

Video #3 (2.66MB WMV)

Video #4 (7.67MB WMV)

Video #5 Grand Finale (6.31MB WMV)

We really had a good time visiting with Sarah.  We ate at both the casino cafe and buffet while here along with Red Robin and Spice Thai.  Spice Thai is definitely on Sarah's return list.

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