October 16 to 19, 2010 - Santa Fe, New Mexico

October 16th we headed west on I-40 and drove into New Mexico. 

New Mexico landscape through the windshield.

We were again going to Santa Fe and normally we stay in our friend's driveway but they have a new dog that is having trouble dealing with their cats, so adding Evita to the mix was not a good idea.

So we chose the closest good campground, Rancheros de Santa Fe, about 7 miles from their house and 259 miles from the campground in Amarillo.

It was nice to see some flowering plants at Ernst and Ruth's house.  We had last been here in April.

We meant to get more photos of the new dog, Arnie, but this one will have to do.  He was a good dog but had little experience with cats.

We visited with Ernst and Ruth, including a couple very nice dinners at their house.  We were also on our own to see and do what we wanted.  One day we drove up to Espanola and had a very nice lunch at La Cocina. 

One day Bill took the hiking trail around the campground.

It is a nice trail.

Evita liked the campground, there were interesting smells and she could watch birds, squirrels and at least one cat.

One day we had lunch in town with Ernst and Ruth at Saveur, which was quite nice.

The weather is getting cooler, time to head further south.  First stop, the Albuquerque area.

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