February 8, 2010 - Day Trip to Daytona

Bill and Helen took us to the Daytona area for a day trip to have lunch with Escapee friends and for Helen to get a t-shirt for a gift.  We left about 11AM and were due for a late lunch at 2PM.  It took about an hour to get to Ormond Beach, so we had plenty of time.  We started searching for a Daytona 500 t-shirt that Helen wanted for someone special.

We went by the racetrack.

We headed to the beach where there are lots of stores selling t-shirts.

The stores on the beach didn't have Daytona 500 t-shirts, just beach t-shirts.  Now it was time to eat so we went here:

It is under a bridge.

We sat outside and could watch birds like this osprey.

We could also see this motorhome that had a prime location.

There were eight of us for lunch.  Helen and Sandy.

Ken and Dean.


Somehow we missed getting a photo of Janice.

Here is Helen showing Sandy photos on her camera.

Janice has more photos here.

After our nice lunch and conversation we headed to Sam's Club hoping to find a t-shirt since Ken was sure he had seen one.  They had Bike Week t-shirts, but no race t-shirts. 

We went back to the racetrack and found our way in where we found this booth and Helen was able to buy a t-shirt.

Then we headed back home and arrived just after sunset.  Bill and Helen have more photos here.

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