January 24 to February 6, 2011 - Hesperia, CA

We left Mojave Narrows on January 24th and moved to RV Medic in Hesperia where Bill installed the new toilet.  Here it is.  We know how excited you are to see another toilet photo, but we are excited to have a working toilet.

After that we moved to Desert Willow RV Resort in Hesperia where we are staying on a weekly rate as long as we need to.

The campsite might be long, but it is narrow.

We are paying $20 a week more here than at Mojave Narrows.  There is no train and though the interstate is not far away it is far enough to not be heard inside, so from a noise view it is a better campsite.  We are also closer or about the same distance from the places we go about 75% of the time, with Mojave Narrrows closer only about 25% of the time.  That did translate into needing to put gas in the Honda less often.

Socks still exists. (Bill had to use flash to get the photo and "red-eye" reduction made the photo look worse.)  Now we have up-to-date photos of all of Misty's pets.

One day we saw our neighbors getting their RV washed and waxed so we asked those doing the work.  We found out they could also re-caulk the roof so we made a deal. They could even do the work the same day.

They did a great job, the motorhome shines.  We can recommend Mayfield Detailing anytime.

Look at those wheels!

One of our neighbors left and their fifth-wheel hitch was not locked in.  Not a pretty scene.

By being in town we were able to help Misty while one of the nieces had some medical issues. 

Diane is getting better but mostly we are hanging around and visiting with Misty and the nieces.

The five of us ate at Original Roadhouse and Giuseppe's during this time.  The two of us ate at Mimi's and Pho Belwood.  Giuseppe's and Pho Belwood are new to us.

We have paid for another week here and mostly likely will be here at least two more weeks.

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