January 10 to 23, 2011 - Victorville, CA

On the 10th we pulled out of the Elks lodge and parked next to Diane's chiropractor office for her appointment and then we had lunch.  After lunch we moved down the road to Mojave Narrows Regional Park in Victorville, CA. We drove 9 miles.

Here is our campsite, one of 42 full hookup sites and you can see the only other camper in the place behind us this day.

The next day we picked up a neighbor who was also from Washington state and also staying two weeks.  Small world.

During the first weekend a group came in for a rally so the place was not so deserted.

Our main reason for hanging around the area was to get Diane healthy.  She had two different pain shots at the pain specialist and multiple chiropractor/physical therapy/massage appointments during our two week stay at this campground.

We also saw a lot of Misty, Sabrina and Taylor and had dinner with them most nights. 

Bill also tackled the repair list.

On January 20th he went to repair the toilet, which needed a new seal and a new spring cartridge.  The new spring cartridge was a tight fit and suddenly the plastic part it was attaching to broke internally.  Our toilet was broken!

We called around and no one had the toilet or the parts in stock.  But RV Medic in Hesperia could get a toilet Saturday for extra shipping cost or Monday for normal shipping.  The advice is with these plastic pieces they all start failing after a while, something we knew since the spring cartridge was the 2nd part to fail in the past year.  Plus they charge so much for the parts it doesn't take many parts to add up to the cost of a new toilet.

With Diane not doing well we moved next to the restrooms. 

That night it went below freezing and the restrooms were not heated.  This was not going to work.  Diane figured she would stay the night at Misty's until the toilet was repaired, especially after her shot on Friday.

But after resting Bill figured out how to jury rig the toilet into being usable. 

(Toilet photos are probably not what people expect to see in our journal.)

We had a usable toilet so Diane could stay.

Better things going on.  Here are hummingbirds at Misty's.  Mostly the photos look like this, where you can't see the colors and identify the hummingbird.


A really nice photo of a black-chinned hummingbird who actually stopped in the sunlight.

The other main hummingbird, who never stopped close by but what nice colors.  It is probably a Rufus Hummingbird where the light is making the neck look yellow in this photo, but most of the time the neck looked red.

Photos and video around Mojave Narrows

Plus the pets liked us, especially Lovebug and Pandi.






Socks was seen a couple times but didn't stay long enough for photos. 

We also enjoyed nice sunsets from Misty's back yard but only took photos one evening.

We had mostly clear to partly cloudy days.  But being around 3,000 feet it was not that warm.  We did have a couple days that made it to 70, but most were in the high 50s and low 60s.  It got fairly cold at night, often below freezing.

We found a nice teriyaki place, Rock n Bowl Teriyaki, and introduced Misty, Sabrina and Taylor to it. They will be back.  We also revised Ashoka Palace, which is still good under new owners.  The five of us also enjoyed Red Robin and the two of us had lunch one day at Johnny Carinos.

We can only stay 14 days here so we are moving on the 24th and getting our new toilet between campgrounds.  We have no idea how long we will be in the area.

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