January 3 to 9, 2011 - Bakersfield and Hesperia, CA

January 3rd we all left Lotus to head south.  Misty was going to try to get home in one day while the two motorhomes were going to take two days.  Misty's plan was successful as were the two motorhomes.

Gregg and Rosalie could not get the motorhome up the slippery hill from their campsite the first time so they slowly backed down and raced up the second time.  That delayed them enough that we saw them leave while we were dumping our tanks.  We also had a hard time getting out of our campsite so it was later than any of us liked when we left the campground. 

We had to stop at a store in Sacramento for a return and took that as an opportunity for lunch.  Then we went on with Diane laying on the floor most of the time and Bill driving.  Bill decided it was Bakersfield or bust. 

We stopped for diesel and propane along the way. Because it had been cold Bill wanted Diane comfortable so we opted for 50AMP full hookups at Bakersfield River Run RV Park, the same place we stayed in early December.  The day's mileage was 319.

It was about 7PM when we arrived so we did not take photos until morning.  It turns out Diane's parents were only a few miles away at Wal-Mart for the night.  We were all too tired to get together for dinner.  We still went to the nearby Costco to stock up.

Our campsite was a pull thru this time, just across from the back-in site we had last stay.

Our neighbor definitely had a roof problem.

January 4th we headed to Hesperia.  Diane's parents were ahead of us and were mostly set up when we got to the Elks lodge after 146 miles.

We ended up camped next to each other.  We had last stayed here in March 2009.

Sabrina's chiropractor did wonders for Diane so we are going to be staying in the area for many weeks.  Diane's parents will be moving on the 11th.

Since Hesperia schools are out for three weeks we all had a good time visiting some more during the week.

Gregg did not liked the fit of the TV trim he did during the summer since it did not come down far enough.  He made a new set and we installed it while here.  Compare it to the old set.

Evita ""supervised" the install.

Restaurants we ate at during this time in Hesperia were Go Bangkok Thai and Golden Corral.

We decided that 50AMP hookups were a good idea if we were staying longer so we are moving to a park in Victorville on the 10th.

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