September 3, 2011 - Flight from Shelton, WA to Astoria, OR, Part 1

Gregg, Rosalie, Smokey and Bill went up to Shelton on September 3rd to retrieve the airplane.  Diane stayed behind to be the one to pick Gregg, Smokey and Bill up while Rosalie drove the car back.

Once we got to Shelton we had lunch at Royal Shanghai, a place we ate with Joy and Phil in July 2010.

Sanderson Field, Shelton.

Video of takeoff (2.55MB WMV)

We headed West-SouthWest. 


Aberdeen/Hoquiam in the distance.


Ocean Shores in the distance.


The lighthouse in Westport is in the next two photos.

The beach between Westport and Grayland.

Ledbetter Point to the south.

Close to Tokeland with cranberry fields.

The Shoalwater Bay Casino in Tokeland.

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