October 16 to 19, 2011 - Oakley and Halstead, Kansas

Gordon and Juanita left about 8AM when we said our goodbyes.  We left Loveland a bit after that. 

A few miles south on I-25 we passed this exit to Erie, where some relatives spent a lot of time a few years back.

After that we negotiated Denver metro and headed east on I-70.  Eventually we entered Kansas, a state we last visited in April 2004 with our previous motorhome.   It has been a long time.

70 miles into Kansas and 303 miles overall we stopped for the night at High Plains Camping in Oakley, KS.  It was a nice campsite.

Next door was the Colonial Steakhouse, which is rated well on the internet and was tempting.  We resisted and ate in.

We did have a nice sunset, something we like in Kansas and Nebraska.

In the morning we headed east on I-70 again.  We stopped in Salina for diesel, the city we went to a rally in 2002, and then headed south on I-135.

Eventually we turned off and headed to Spring Lake RV Resort in Halstead, KS.  We had driven 251 miles.  We got a large site and settled in for three nights.

Yes, that is Evita in the windshield.  Here is a close up.

October 18th we drove over to Hutchinson in the afternoon, a place we have been twice.  The last visit was in April 2004.

We wandered around a bit and got somewhat reoriented.  We had debated spending time at the Cosmosphere again, but decided against it.  It really is a wonderful space museum and it was sad we were not in the mood to see it this day.  It was a windy day.

We drove to Yoder to see if they had any good bread and ended up at Yoder Meats, not to be confused with the one in Shipshewana, Indiana. 

Here the local Amish buggy seems to be a tractor since that is what we saw them driving.

Across from Yoder Meats is Carriage Crossing, a very nice Amish restaurant we have eaten at in the past.

It was fun to revisit Hutchinson and Yoder.

October 19th we drove down to Wichita after lunch just to explore and to get some groceries.  It was another windy day, but luckily the last windy days for a bit since we will be traveling the next day.

We found the Cajun restaurant we ate at in 2002:

The food was good and the price right when we ate here in 2002 but we were not so trusting of the seafood.  Bill does remember eating raw oysters then.  But since we had already had lunch, we didn't try it again.  That dinner at this restaurant was our only previous trip into Wichita.

After finding the restaurant we first tried to find Great Harvest Bread and found they were moving and were closed for a week. So we found Panera Bread instead.  They were open.  Then we hit Sam's Club and headed home.

It was supposed to go below freezing overnight so Bill disconnected the water.  We need to get further south, so we are heading into Oklahoma in the morning. 

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