July 28, 2011 - Day Trip to Seattle

We drove to Northgate Mall in Seattle and took the express bus to the bus tunnel in downtown Seattle, which is just below Westlake Center.

One end of the Monorail line is at Westlake, which you can see from where we had a fast food lunch.

Though we had spent a lot of time in Westlake Center through the years we were not that interested in shopping so we headed down to the Pike Place Public Market.

After wandering the market a while we headed for the waterfront.  It was a beautiful day.

The waterfront by the Seattle Aquarium.

A sculpture by the aquarium.

The view north along the waterfront.

Looking east at the city skyline.

We wandered down and ended up in Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe.

Then we headed north along the waterfront. 

Here is the Edgewater, famous for Frank Zappa fans.

When we lived in this area we took the Victoria Clipper multiple times to Victoria, BC.

The Old Spagetti Factory is still here.  While in college Bill tried to take Mike and Sue here (the same Mike we just met up with in Silverdale).  The line was so long we ended up going somewhere else.  Bill eventually ate here with Diane.

There is the Space Needle.  Now we can go to Seattle Center.

A metal tree on the way.

The Space Needle.

We wandered around the Seattle Center.  It has been years since we have been here.

The Experience Music Project.  We plan to visit someday.

We caught a bus back to Northgate.  It was fun to play tourist even though we were not feeling much like buying anything.

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