March 14, 2011 - Elephant Seal Viewing north of San Simeon, CA

We had last visited the Elephant Seals viewing area on April 2, 2009

Seals doing what they do best, laying around.

A blackbird posing for us.

More seals, these are all juveniles.

Some of the few mature males here since most have already left for Alaska.

A couple males are in this photo, but most are juveniles.

One juvenile that didn't make it.  A guide told us last year they lost a lot of juveniles since the storms washed much of the sand away.

The male in the middle is moving towards the water.

The larger one is one of the first mature females to come in to molt.  More will be here in a few weeks.

First Video of Elephant Seals (2.52MB WMV)

Second Video of Elephant Seals (1.48MB WMV)

It was fun to be here when we could see both mature males and females along with juveniles.

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