July 24, 2012 - Cessna Flight around Port Townsend, WA, Part 2

The plane's GPS showing us heading to Fort Flagler.

Fort Flagler.

Port Townsend.

The Port Townsend Ferry Dock.

The marina and campground at Port Townsend.

Manresa Castle, where we stayed the weekend many years ago.

The north part of Port Townsend.

Fort Worden campground.

Fort Worden Lighthouse.

Back around Port Townsend.

Evergreen Coho Escapees Co-op from the air.

You can see both motorhomes on the far right of the photo with our Chevy Equinox visible but obscured by a tree top.

Video of the Landing (14.2MB WMV)

Gregg guiding the plane back into its hanger.  (Bill did help)

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