July 24 to 29, 2012 - Chimacum (Port Townsend), WA

We left Poulsbo and drove 31 miles to Evergreen Coho Escapees Co-Op in Chimacum, WA. Our last stay here was in August 2008, but we had taken day trips since while visiting Poulsbo.

You can see Gregg and Rosalie's motorhome and car two spaces away.

It was a beautiful day and Gregg wanted to go flying so Bill went with him.

July 24th Flight photos and video Part 1, Part 2

We got to visit a bit with Don one day and had a couple visits with Dave and Connie including dinner at Owl Sprit in Port Townsend.

Cara, Dave and Connie's dog.

The city campground in Port Townsend, across the street from Doc's Marina Grill where we met Mike and Leslie for dinner one evening.

July 26th Flight photos, Part 1, Part 2

On the 27th it rained so the four of us went to Sequim and had lunch at Sawadee Thai.  After that we went to the radio plays in the clubhouse.

Our friends Dave, Connie and Diane were involved.  Here are a couple photos.

Video of part of one of the plays (13.4MB 3GP)

The radio plays were fun.  One was an Easy Aces play and the other was a Philip Marlowe play.

The 28th the four of us drove down to see Nancie and Sandy and the six of us had an early dinner at New Kings Wok in Silverdale.

Nice lilies from the garden in their house.

One of the RVs in the Co-op had a plant growing in its basement.  This fuzzy photo shows it.

July 29th Flight photos

In addition to the meals mentioned we ate with Gregg and Rosalie at 123 Thai and Fiesta Jalisco.

Now we are off to see Bill' mother for a couple weeks.

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