July 10 to 23, 2012 - Poulsbo, WA

Leaving Ocean City Gregg's jack pad came off so Bill helped him get it back on.

Then it took us a long time to work our way out of the tight spot next to the house, but we made it and were on our way.  After 124 miles we were set up at our favorite campsite in Eagle Tree RV Park in Poulsbo, WA.  Our last stay here was in July 2011.

July 11th we took the Edmonds-Kingston ferry for a medical appointment in Mukilteo.

July 11 Ferry Ride

While out and about we agreed to meet everyone coming from Aberdeen at Fat Smitty's by Port Townsend for dinner so we drove here from the ferry.

We had heard about Fat Smitty's for many years, but this was our first time eating there.  We had a nice dinner with Misty, Sabrina, Taylor, Kimberly, Dennis, Alex and Emily.  Dennis had been touring with Alex and Emily while Kimberly helped with Rosalie at the hospital.  Now Kimberly will go back to Port Angeles with them for a couple more days. The rest of us headed to Poulsbo.

It was a pleasant evening in Poulsbo.

Brandy keeping tabs on Nancie.

Kylie resting inside.

July 12 photos

July 13th we tried the Oak Table in Kingston for a late breakfast and it was wonderful.  We also ended up with a free meal coupon so we will have to go back.

Lots of folks here for dinner, including Sandy's brother Bill, his wife and son, plus the neighbor family from two houses over.

Misty and Debbie made Rosalie's deviled eggs recipe so those, like Bill, who love them were happy.

July 14 Family Reunion Photos

July 16th Ferry Trip

After getting off the ferry we met Gregg, Rosalie, Nancie and Sandy at Kings Wok in Silverdale for an early dinner.

We managed to have another late breakfast at Oak Table with our coupon and it was wonderful.

One evening we met our friend Chris at Sawan Thai on Bainbridge Island to catch up.

July 19th Leo, Katlyn, Andrew, Lilly and Khloe came to visit for a couple days.

You can see Andrew with his daughter Lilly and her grandpa, Leo, in this photo along with Diane and Lilly's great grandparents.

Andrew and Lilly.

Lilly at dinner at the Clearwater Casino eating an Oreo cookie.

Leo in the background with Katlyn holding both Lilly and Khloe.

It was great to have Leo and family visit.

While out for errands in Silverdale on the 21st we had lunch at Chungs Teriyaki.

More views from Poulsbo.

The ferry is just visible in the distance.

On the 23rd we again went to Mukilteo by ferry and had lunch at Kafe Neo.

Our two weeks in Poulsbo are about up and we had a good visit.

Animal photos from Poulsbo

Now we are off to the Port Townsend area.

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