July 30 to August 12, 2012 - Rochester, WA

We left Chimacum and drove 113 miles to Outback RV Park in Rochester, WA.  Our last stay here was in May.

We did not take many photos of our stay. 

This is the utility bay of a bus conversion we found "interesting".  Batteries, power cord, water and sewer in one compartment. 

Another day we noticed this motorhome, Figment II, with Dave and Barb.  They were also visiting family so we just exchanged some "Hellos".  We should meet up with them in the winter.  The last time we think we met up was in March 2008 in Florida.

Bill's mother and her two cats.

We did meet up with Carl and Laureen one day including dinner at Ramierez.  We also had dinner with Rex at Red Robin one night.

With Bill's mother we had meals at Bonsai Teriyaki, Riverbend, Budd Bay Cafe. IHOP, Shari's, and Happy Teriyaki.  On our own we ate at Burgerville, Sri's Corner, and Little Danang,

Now we are off to Monroe for a week and will be coming back to Rochester.

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