March 29, 2012 - replacement of rear air conditioner

Bill helped Gary with the air conditioner replacement.  It was hot and he didn't get any photos until late in the process.  Here is the broken unit on the ground.

Gary working on wiring.

The old and new shrouds (covers).

The new unit in place.  These units were on back order because the design changed to use a new refrigerant.  It took a month to get a new one so we are glad we had two on our motorhome.

The new unit is under the white cover on the back.

Our roof was cleaned in Wildwood two weeks ago, but we were under trees in Jacksonville so it is dirty again.

The new unit is louder than the old one as an air conditioner because of the design changes.  As a heat pump it is much louder, but there is nothing we can do about it.  But now we have two units again, which we need when it is above 85 for air conditioning and between 30 and 45 for heat since outside those ranges one unit is not enough.  (Below 30 degrees we need to use propane heat).

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