March 26 to 30, 2012 - Clermont, FL

We left Jacksonville and drove 181 miles to TT Orlando in Clermont, FL.  We ended up one site over to the driver's side from where we were in February.

When we put out the main slide we heard a bad sound but stopped it too late.  The eight year old slide topper somehow got caught and got mangled.

Not repairable. 

We called a tech and the next morning Bill and the tech removed the slide topper awning.  It required two people and two ladders so we could not do it ourselves.

We can live without it for now.  But it means Bill has to get on the roof and see if the top needs sweeping when we break camp.  We do not know why stuff is breaking when we camp here.

Afterward we handled the slide topper we headed out to get together with Dave and Barb.

March 27th Day trip to Lakeridge Winery with Dave and Barb

This Macaw was out in the campground during one of our walks.

Seeing a Sandhill Crane by the side of the road is somewhat common in central Florida. 

On the 28th we drove to Orlando and ended up eating at Chimi King again.  It was quite good.

The lake on the eastern edge of the campground at sunset.

Gary called and said he would be out on the 29th to replace our air conditioner. 

March 29th replacement of air conditioning unit

March 30th we headed to Lakeland to meet up with Henry and Inez at Bosphorous, which we tried in March and recommended.  We parked by Hollis Gardens where we were on March 9th.  There was a wedding going on but we could enjoy the lake and surroundings as we walked to the restaurant.

White Ibis.

The black swans were in the water..

Inez (blue top) and Henry (hard to see) about to cross the street to meet us in front of the restaurant.

We had a great visit and another great meal at Bosphorous Turkish Kitchen.  Afterwards Henry and Inez headed off and we took the long way around the lake back to our car.

A Tri-colored Heron.

A Great Blue Heron on a float.

A duck and ducklings.

The black swans hanging out.

Afterwards we headed home.  Tomorrow we move on towards Panama City Beach.

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