March 19 to 25, 2012 - Jacksonville, FL

We left Wildwood on March 19th and drove the familiar 147 miles to Hanna Park in Jacksonville, Florida.  We last stayed here in December.

We spent every day with Ken and Carolle.  They are like family and we enjoy being with them.

Cormorants in the lake.

Carolle's amaryllis are blooming.

Carolle's elkhorn fern is not hanging like the one in Lakeland.

This Dutch Star was interesting in the campground both from the color and the awnings.

The park beach on the Atlantic Ocean on a cloudy day.

And on a sunny day.

We make sure to visit the beach while staying here.

The amaryllis is really blooming now.

Photos and Videoes from our March 23rd Trip to the Jacksonville Zoo Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

After the zoo we all went to Ruby Tuesday for dinner.  It was the only meal we had in a restaurant during this stay.

A frog hanging out by the house.

The interesting Dutch Star tows a classic El Camino on a trailer.  Somehow it fits.

We had a great visit but now we need to move back to Clermont to get our air conditioner replaced.

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