November 21 to December 4, 2011 - Jacksonville, FL

A few years back we met up with Charles and Ethel for lunch while in Jacksonville and we tried to coordinate another get together this stay.  Unfortunately Ethel was very busy but it turned out Charles had free time.  In fact he had enough free time we could do more than lunch so the three of us took the Budweiser Brewery tour on November 21st.

Photos from the Budweiser Brewery tour

Some photos of the pond close to our campsite.

Coots on the pond.

Thanksgiving day we arrived early to help.

The tables were set.

Then the rush came. 

Here are people serving up their dinners.

Video of everyone eating (1.89MB WMV)

It was a fun Thanksgiving.  We feel very welcome at Ken and Carolle's. 

November 29th we had our coffee at Panera Bread and then Bill dropped Diane off at the Jacksonville airport at 10AM for her noon flight to Seattle.  Well the flight was delayed and she finally flew out just before 5PM to Chicago.  The whole problem was high winds in Chicago.  Diane made it to Seattle and finally got to bed at 2AM Seattle time.  It was a long day. 

While Diane was in Seattle Bill mostly stayed close but on December 2nd he drove down to St. Augustine Beach.

Video of the waves (1.38MB WMV)

Then he looked for a place to eat lunch and found Beachcomber's here:

Nice place.

With a nice view and the food was also good.

Brown pelicans flying by.

Diane's flights back on December 3rd were on time and Bill picked her up in the evening.  She was hungry so we ended up at Steak-n-Shake.  Her trip back was much better than the trip out.

The Acer tablet worked great as an e-reader and notebook computer on Diane's trip.  It was a successful purchase.  Diane will be flying to Seattle again in February.

Ken and Carolle were out of town for a few days so we were on our own.

The next day we drove down to St. Augustine Beach and ate here, just up the road from Beachcomber.  It was quite good.

Other places we ate were Carrabbas (with, Ken, Carolle and Marie), and First Watch.  While Diane was away Bill ate lunch at places just to try them including Popeye's (OK), Five Guys (very good), Safe Harbor (very good), and Longhorn Steakhouse (very good).

On her own Diane ate at Chili's at the Jacksonville airport (good), Continental in Seattle for breakfast with Dan and Betsy (very good),  Bahama Breeze in Tukwila (very good), Bia Tong in Tukwila (very good), Patty's Eggnest in Mukilteo (very good), Indian Curry House in Tukwila (very good) and Tanpopo in Bellevue (OK).

Now we are heading to Wildwood.

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