November 10 to 20, 2011 - Jacksonville, FL

We left Panama City Beach on November 10th and traveled 281 miles to Rivers Bus and RV Sales in Jacksonville, FL for a Nutty Buddys rally.  Our last stay here was for another Nutty Buddys rally in November 2009.

We got caught up with everyone and then headed out with the group to eat at Arden's Kafe and Katering. 

The next day we took photos.  Here we are with Juanita and Jim on our driver's side.

Across from us is Ken and Carolle.

What is that thing on the roof of our car?   It is our new Acer Iconia A500 tablet computer with a case/keyboard combination. 

We had it shipped to Ken and Carolle's house and they brought it with them.  It is on the car roof to get updates using wifi since the Yellowstone motorhome was blocking the wifi signal.

An evening photo as we get ready to go eat at the office.

During the rally time we went running around in Jacksonville and had lunch at a Zaxby's.

Some of the Nutty Buddy's hanging out inside the office area.

We had a good time at the rally.

November 13th we drove 32 miles to Hanna Park in Jacksonville.  Our last stay here was in November 2009.

We will only be in this campsite until the 20th when we move to another with 50AMP.

The beach at Hanna Park on the Atlantic Ocean.

A turtle in the pond close to our campsite.

November 16th we met up with Jim and Dee and had a nice lunch at Mambo's Cuban Bistro.  We met them when we were all in Indiana in September 2010.

We had a great visit and look forward to more in the future.  Here is Dee's blog entry on the day -

November 17th Ken showed us the houses he has been fixing up to sell.  This snake was in the backyard of one of them.

The snake's head.  It almost looks like a legless lizard instead of a snake.  Yes, legless lizards exist and are different than snakes.

Video of snake (0.99MB WMV)

On November 20th we moved to our second campsite in Hanna Park.  Now we have 50AMP electric for the rest of our stay in Jacksonville.

During this part of our visit to Jacksonville we also ate at Outback Steakhouse with Ken and Carolle and had lunch at Urban Flats.  Mostly we had dinner at Ken and Carolle's house.

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