November 7 to 9, 2011 - Panama City Beach, Florida

We left Norm and Linda's on November 7th and headed east into Florida.  After 163 miles we were camped at Pine Glen Motorcoach and RV Park.

After getting settled we headed over to see JoAnn and Fillmore.  Here is Fillmore.

We had last seen JoAnn and Fillmore in November 2010 while Doug was still alive.  Doug died in August, so it has not been long that both JoAnn and Fillmore have been without Doug.  It was expected we would lose Doug, but it is still hard. 

We caught up with JoAnn and also had a very nice dinner at Flamingo Joe's.

November 8th we were on our own during the day so we went to the beaches.

Panama City Beach has lots of public beach access points.

You can see why this area is called The Emerald Coast.

A very nice kite was flying here.

Video of kite (1.77MB WMV)

Another beach looking West.

And East.

It is always nice to go to the beach.

In late afternoon we picked up JoAnn and went into Panama City to watch the sunset from a dock.  We have the company of a Great Blue Heron and a Brown Pelican.

The sunset getting started.

The clouds are helping the beauty.

Brown Pelicans heading to the roost for the night.

The sunset finishing.

"Our" brown pelican heading out.

It was a nice sunset.  Afterwards we had dinner at Simply Thai, close to where JoAnn lives.

We were on our own during the day on November 9th and Bill took photos around the campground.

Photo album from the campground, mostly flower photos.

In the evening we all tried a restaurant none of us knew, Dee's Hangout, and it was a hit.  Then we went back to JoAnn's to visit one last time this trip.

Here is Fillmore again for his fans.

It was a great visit with JoAnn and Fillmore and we can see why JoAnn likes Panama City Beach. 

Now we are off to Jacksonville.

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