October 30 to November 6, 2011 - Meridian, MS and Summerdale, AL

October 30th we left our cozy spot in West Memphis, drove the motorhome through the SW part of Memphis and headed south into Mississippi via US78 and US45.  After 256 miles we were camped at Bonita Lakes RV Park in Meridian, MS.

It was a nice place and reasonably priced.  Someday maybe we might come back and spend more time.

October 31st we headed south to Escapees Rainbow Plantation in Summerdale, Alabama. 

This time because Norm's sister was not camped in her special spot we camped at Norm and Linda's place instead of the campground we have stay in many times before.  (Our last stay was in March 2010). Our travels today were 166 miles.

Norma and Linda's motorhome had been resided like ours was in August/September 2010, but they opted for different colors than they had before.

It looks great and very unique.

We got in a lot of visiting with Norm and Linda, whom we last saw in Nappanee, IN in September 2010.

The first night we went to dinner at Lambert's Cafe in Foley and had lots of leftovers. 

Bill visited Darrel and Judy on the 1st and took photos of the "Katts".  Alex:


November 2nd we went to a party/potluck.  RVers and food.

Linda eating while Norm takes photos.

November 3rd was a big group eat out at Big Daddy's Grill.

November 4th photos from our drive to the beaches

We went to a festival in Foley on the 5th.


Kids and animals.

Then we had ice cream at an old fashioned place in town.

Later Darrel and Judy came to Norm and Linda's where they were given a Kentucky Survival Kit.  They were heading to Kentucky to work for Amazon during the Christmas rush.

The first ice cream social of the season on the 6th, our last day.

In addition to restaurants mentioned above we also had meals at  Applebee's in Foley and Bangkok Thai in Daphne with Norm and Linda.

We had a great visit and plan to be back in spring.

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