March 9 to 18, 2012 - Wildwood, FL

We continue to enjoy our stay in Wildwood.

March 9th we went to Lakeland, Florida for the day with Dave and Barb

Photos and Videos from Lakeland, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Another fun golf car in The Villages.

That spare tire will not do this van any good.

March 13th we drove to Cedar Key for the day

Photos and Videos from Cedar Key

While out driving on March 14th we saw White Pelicans in The Villages so we stopped to take photos of the pelicans and other birds.

Wildlife photos from The Villages on March 14

March 15th Dave and Elinore came over and visited.  We had dinner at Toojay's in The Villages and since we did not get photos last visit, Bill had them pose for one.

A person at our campground makes these balloons with plastic canvas and beads.

We ended up in Ocala at lunch time on March 16th so we stopped at the new Five Guys and had lunch.  This was the first time Diane had tried Five Guys.  In the past she could not eat the beef, but the allergy shots are working so she can now eat it.

March 16th was the St. Patrick's Day Parade in The Villages.  After we got back from Ocala we drove over to Dave and Barb's place and the four of us went to Sumter Landing Town Square where one of two St. Patrick's parades were going on at the same time, the other was in the Spanish Springs Town Square.  (Once the third and last town square, Brownwood, is completed there will be three parades.  Brownwood is under construction.)

Photos and videos of the Parade, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

After the parade we worked our way back to the car and then worked our way to Mom and Dad's Italian Restaurant in Lady Lake for a nice dinner. 

After dinner we went back to Dave and Barb's place.  Bill took a photo of Barb's golf car.

A bluebird in their backyard.

This tree frog was on their screen door.

Some sparrows in the back yard.  (There were also cardinals and mockingbirds, but we didn't get photos).

We had a great visit and found the tree frog had woken up and moved onto the door as we were leaving.

We might see Barb and Dave once more before we leave Florida but said our goodbyes in case it doesn't happen.

Our last couple days in Wildwood were quiet.  We did not go anywhere on St. Patrick's Day proper but did walk around.  The campground is emptying out as people head north.

Here is a nice flower in the empty campsite next to us.

A skink lizard ran across the road while we were walking.

On the 18th we ran a couple errands.  Once it started to cool in late afternoon we took a walk and encountered this fox squirrel.

We had been told there were fox squirrels around in addition to the much smaller gray squirrels, but this is the first time we had seen one here.

Now we are going back to Jacksonville for a week.

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