February 28 to March 8, 2012 - Wildwood, FL

We left Clermont and 49 miles later we were camped at Three Flags in Wildwood, Florida.  We were last camped here in December.

The next day we decided to drive over to Crystal River, Florida after lunch.  It is about a 45 minute to 1 hour one way trip.

Photos and video of Crystal River

On March 1st we were able to match up with Dave and Barb and collect packages we had sent to them.  We had a nice lunch at Fiesta Grande in The Villages with Barb.

One of our packages was a new scratching post for Evita that came in two boxes.  Her old one was very worn and the repair Bill had done a few years back was not holding up.  We bought the original from someone out of Florida and had it shipped to Washington state.  Unfortunately that company closed down recently due to ill health.  So Diane found another company and they were in California so we had it shipped to Florida. 

After assembly here are the old and new scratching posts side by side.  They are easy to tell apart.  Evita is enjoying her new scratching post.

On the 3rd we got together with Elinore and Dave in Webster.  We had last seen them in December.  We ended up eating dinner with them at Old World Restaurant in Floral City.  Afterwards we learned we had left the lights in the CRV and it would not start.  Our jump start battery kit had not been charged recently so it was unable to start the car.  Luckily Dave had jumper cables and got us going.

On the 4th we took the tour of The Villages.  Here is our view on the trolley while people were getting on board.

The trolley never stopped so we didn't get any good photos but the tour was worthwhile.

Talking about The Villages, we like to see the fun golf cars like this one.

Or this one.

The back of the one in the above photo.  It is a "Woody".

On the 7th we drove over to Mount Dora.  Mount Dora is a nice city.  This is a park in the downtown area.

A nice sculpture next to the public restrooms.

A map of the area.  Wildwood is off the map on the left.

Looking west from the dock downtown into Lake Dora.

Cormorants hanging out.

Looking east towards downtown from the dock.

Another statue.

We had a nice meal at Palm Tree Grill, which is an Italian restaurant.  Bill was happy they had his favorite beer, Celebrator. 

After dinner we drove home. 

Our stay so far has been quieter than when we were here in December and in 10 days we only ate out three times.

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