February 29, 2012 - Crystal River, FL

When we arrived in Crystal River we were expecting a town like Homosassa Springs, which is a small town, but Crystal River is a small city. 

Here is a map of the Kings Bay area.

A lizard close to the map.

Looking out at Kings Bay.

A brown pelican and a coot in the water.

We decided to head out to Fort Island, on the south side of the river, Crystal River, in the Gulf.

Lots of Black Skimmers at the beach on Fort Island.

Video of the Black Skimmers (921KB WMV)

Getting ready for a wedding reception.

The wedding is out at the end of the fishing dock.

A close up.

We watched some dolphins in the water close to the wedding but did not get any photos of them.

Looking east at the beach from the earlier photo.

Looking west into the Gulf.

Looking northwest at the nuclear plant at the mouth of the Crystal River.

We need to come back sometime and not just for a couple hours after lunch.

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