February 17 to 27, 2012 - Clermont, FL

We left Port St. Lucie on the 17th and headed out.  Since we had not run our generator in many months and it was warm out we started the generator and used our roof air conditioners for the trip.  We took toll roads much of the route using our SunPass transponder.  After 129 miles we were camped at TT Orlando in Clermont, Florida.  Our last stop here was in March 2008.

We have a nice roomy campsite with a lake behind the trees.

When we set up camp we found two problems, the rear air conditioner was very noisy again after not being noisy on the road, and our left rear leveling jack would come back up on its own.  A mobile repair person, Eric the RV Tech Geek, was able to come out and diagnose the jack problem, locate the part and would come back to fix it.  We were not going to be level for a while.

Saturday we drove up into Clermont proper, which is 15 miles north of the campground.  We had lunch at Carrabbas. 

Golf cart parking at a local Publix Supermarket much like The Villages.

Sunday the 19th we drove over to spend the evening with dinner at Henry and Inez's place.  We had not seen them since March 2008 so we had a lot to talk about.  A great meal and lots of fun.  We did not get home until midnight.

Monday morning Eric came back and fixed our leveling system by replacing a solenoid. 

The lake at the east end of TT Orlando. 

Diane made a box for cousin Sarah that she was taking to Seattle.

On the 21st Bill dropped Diane off at Orlando International Airport for her trip to Seattle.  This was much like her trip in November.

Bill checked the local Camping World to see if they had the expandable table that had been on sale for $60 instead of $70 in January.  Turns out they reduced the price to $50 so he bought it.

Small size it will seat two.

Larger size will seat 4 or squeeze in 6.

Evita enjoying Bill's lap.

Diane took this photo of Sarah along Green Lake in Seattle on Sarah's Birthday.  Sarah loved the box Diane made.

Diane also got to see aunts Chris, Nancie, Sandy and Claire along with cousins Curt and Olga while in Seattle. 

Bill picked Diane up at the Orlando airport about 11:30PM on the 26th.  It was a very long day, especially since they had to de-ice the plane before leaving Seattle.  Evita was very excited to see Diane. 

Diane should be done with these flights to Seattle.

Diane stayed with friends Betsy, Dan and Casey in Seattle but did eat out some.  The only restaurant worth reporting was breakfast at Continental in Seattle with Betsy and Dan.

While Diane was gone Bill ate at Santa Fe Cattle Company (Clermont), 4River's Smokehouse (Winter Garden), Chimi King (Orlando), Bahama Breeze (Kissimmee), Five Guys (Winter Garden) and Chili's (Clermont).

Chimi King was so good that Bill took Diane there on the 27th for lunch.

Photos of animal life around the campground

Now we are moving back to Wildwood for about three weeks.

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