January 17 to 31, 2012 - Port St. Lucie, FL

We learned the lot we are on has been sold so we need to move by the 24th.  Oh well, we lose the view across the street which is getting better since they are cleaning it up.

Italian dinner in the club house on the 17th.  It was good.

They found us a new lot so we moved on the 18th, which makes it exactly 30 days.  This lot is unimproved and on the other side of the pond/lake/water hazard.

We are next to another green and gold Dutch Star, though it is a 2003 instead of a 2004. They just bought the motorhome from the current owners, who own the lot.  They are staying a couple weeks to get everything fixed.

Out front we look across the lots across the street into the "wild" area.  Raccoons, rabbits, snakes, etc., live there.

Behind we look at the Ninth hole with the lake behind.  The red arrow is our previous campsite.

We got tired of the strings on our day/night shades breaking so we mail ordered real wood venetian blinds in maple.  We replaced all three of the big day/night shades and the lambrequins (vertical valences) were also removed. 

Of course we forgot to take before photos so here is what the large bedroom day/night shade look like but the valence and lambrequins are different.

This is from the window next to the sofa, the old lambrequins looked like this which also shows how much light comes through with the night shade down.

This is the blind over the couch now, closed.


Over the chair we had room to put the new valence in.  It all matches quite well and took us less than 3 hours to do the work.

The maple makes it brighter with the lights on and when closed less light comes in than the day/night shades so it is darker.  We are happy.

After all the work we had a quick dinner at Steak-n-Shake since neither of us felt like cooking.

January 22nd we decided to go see the nearby Savannahs Recreation area.

Photos of the Savannahs and Hutchinson Island

One of our favorite golf carts around the RV Resort.

Bill says if it was yellow and white it would remind him of the '57 Chevy his family owned.

January 26th we took a long day trip to the Space Coast and Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge.

Photos from the day trip to Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Mexican Dinner

January 28th we drove down to the flea market in Stuart to find cheap t-shirts.

There was a guy playing steel drums and renting his rescue parrots out for photos.  He plays to pay for feeding the rescue parrots.

Video of the steel drums (3.94MB 3GP)

Cheap t-shirts were found, so it was a successful trip.

After the flea market we had lunch at Tabuleh Cafe, just up the road.  It was nice.

Birds and other sites around the campground, Part 1, Part 2

During this period we had dinners with Rich and Diane at Norris's Famous Place for Ribs and Frank & Al's Pizza.  On our own we ate at Joseph's Restaurant in Vero Beach, El Cubanito and Panda Express.

We have a little over two weeks of February left to spend here before moving on.

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