February 1 to 16, 2012 - Port St. Lucie, FL

We continue to enjoy our stay here in Port St. Lucie.  Evita is also enjoying time here. Here she is helping Diane with her tablet computer (not shown).

Our new DVD player came in.  The remote from the old one broke and a new player was not much money so we replaced it. The new one is Blu-ray and though we have no Blu-ray DVDs we might borrow some someday.  With a 26" TV we won't be able to tell the difference between Blu-ray and normal HD.  After a bit of effort we now have the new DVD player installed and it communicates with the TV via HDMI and the audio system via composite cables.  The old DVD used an optical connector to hook to the audio system but that connection is now obsolete, so we won't have surround sound unless we also get a new audio receiver or find a Blu-ray player that still uses the optical connector.  Not really that important to us.

Friday the 3rd was a chicken dinner and square dance.

Video of Square Dancing (6.61MB 3GP)

Saturday morning we woke up to our thermostat being blank so no air conditioning.  Since we had been having warm weather this was a problem.  Luckily the repair facility was open in the morning so Mike came out in the afternoon and found it was a communication cable issue.  He was able to get the thermostat and front air conditioner behaving.  He will come back to finish the job. 

While sitting still we can buy stuff mail order so we bought a Breville Smart Oven.  You can see it behind Diane and next to the espresso machine.  This is a very fancy toaster/oven and for the first time since being in an RV we will be able to broil.  We bought it because a couple sets of friends have bought them and are very happy.  It is big and required us to do some rearranging to find a place for it.  But this is a better location for a toaster since it is further away from our smoke alarm, which we have tested regularly without wanting to.

The weather had been wet so it was a few days before the techs came back to fix our air conditioning, but they came and got us working again.  The rear is still noisy, but, after three motors with problems, we are using the one that seems to be acting the best.

On the 10th we drove up to Vero Beach.  We planned to have Vietnamese but the restaurant had been replaced by Kata, a Japanese and Thai place. It was very good.

Then we went out to the beach.  We are not sure we have ever been to the "beach" in Vero Beach before.

The surf and wind are up so people were staying away from the water.


Social the evening of the 10th.

Nice wrapping job for Valentine's Day to make them look like Kisses.

A nice sunset across the street from our campsite.

Birds and other sites in the RV Resort Part 1    Part 2

Valentine's dinner was six at West End Grill, which was really good.  Then we went to Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt (again) and then we visited with Jon, Chris and Rudolph the rest of the evening.

Other restaurant meals during this period were dinner at Chili's with another group and nice meals at Pueblo Viejo and Longhorn Steakhouse with Rich and Diane.  We are going to miss everyone.

After two months we are moving on.  It has been fun.

Reflections on wintering here instead of Gulf Waters in Fort Myers Beach.

Fort Myer Beach had more to see in the immediate vicinity, with Sanibel Island and other spots close by.  But we had a much better social life in Port St, Lucie.  Restaurants were about equal.  Shopping was better in the Fort Myers/Naples area since it is larger.  Traffic was more equal than the Port St. Lucie locals felt, since we were in slow traffic anytime we went near US1 or drove down to the West Palm area to shop.  We thought going to Naples from Fort Myers Beach took as long as going to Stuart from the Outdoor Resorts and Naples was more interesting.  The resort was better in Port St. Lucie.  We had larger campsites, we could stay in February without hassles, there were more activities, and people were much friendlier and not as into their cliques.  Weather is similar at both places since Bill checked most days while we were in Port St. Lucie.  We will come back to Port St. Lucie.

Now we head to the Orlando area.

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