March 14, 2012 - Wildlife in The Villages, FL

Note that these photos are with an older camera we keep in the car so the telephoto shots are not as good.

One lake in The Villages with birds.  But no White Pelicans here, they are on the next lake West.

Double-breasted Cormorants.  (About all Florida cormorants are Double-breasted).

A female anhinga and a cormorant.

This is now the lake where we saw the White Pelicans. 

This photo shows Wood Storks, Great Egrets, White Pelicans (in the water) and cormorants.

More White Pelicans with cormorants splashing and making noise in the foreground.  We think the cormorant behavior was either courtship or territorial behavior.

White Pelicans crossing the lake.

A Wood Stork close by with White Pelicans and cormorants in the background.

More of the White Pelicans crossing the lake.

The ones crossing start to mingle with the rest.

We had to move so we were not a hazard on the golf course but we were glad to see the birds.

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