March 9, 2012 - Downtown Lakeland, FL, Part 3

After lunch we decided to investigate the statues we saw on the way but we headed away from the car where our good cameras were sitting.  The rest of the photos came off our phones.

Barb with one of the painted swans.

More statues.

Dave looking for the artist's name.

Dave taking photos with Barb's phone camera.

Want a ride?

We noticed the lake was close by so we went to investigate.  We came down on the West side of the lake. 

What are those dark objects by the lamp post?

Black swans with clipped wings. 

But there were other critters including an anhinga, some turtles and a Great Blue Heron.

The anhinga didn't like the turtles and poked at them, but we did not get a photo or video of it.

Further on we encountered ducks and coots with baby ducks running towards us to see if we are going to feed them.  This is about the NE corner of the lake.

What are Black Skimmers doing so far inland?  This is the East side of the lake.

This statue was quite large.

We walked past Hollis Gardens and back up towards the car where our last statue was this very nice butterfly.

Back to the car we went and then they drove us back to our motorhome.  We hit a couple thunderstorms on the way back and were glad it was mostly dry for our day trip.

Here are some photos Barb took while we were in the garden.

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