March 9, 2012 - Downtown Lakeland, FL, Part 2

What are Dave and Barb looking at?  A bird, a plane, Superman?

No, it is an Elkhorn fern hanging like a chandelier. 

There are statues and fountains like this one Barb is photographing.

A closer look.  The detail is quite impressive.

Bill managed to catch this butterfly stopped long enough to get a photo.

Nice swans.


This one was very impressive in person.

Modern art, not just classical.

More hibiscus.

A star fruit on the ground?  Where did it come from?

From the tree above it.  A star fruit still in its tree.

We were hungry so we looked for a place to eat.  Diane found a couple interesting choices via Urbanspoon on her phone.  Two good choices were only a few blocks away so we moved the car.  We ended up at Bosphorous Turkish Kitchen, which was wonderful and very reasonably priced.  We all thought it was a great find.

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