March 9, 2012 - Downtown Lakeland, FL, Part 1

Dave and Barb picked us up about 10AM and off we went south about an hour and a half to Lakeland, Florida.  Our goal was Hollis Garden.  We found it and free parking.

The garden entrance.

It is not a large garden, but it is free, interesting, well maintained, on a lake and in the heart of downtown.

They even had koi.

Video of Koi (1.15MB WMV)

Part of the garden showed growing food and making it look good.

Plant City, the heart of strawberry growing in Florida, is only a few miles from Lakeland and it is strawberry season.

Black sugarcane as a landscape plant.

The lake the garden borders on the south.  This photo is looking north.

There are also potted plants like this nice flowing one.

Animal life.  Lots of lizards including this unfortunate one that was becoming lunch for a bird.

Video of bird with lizard (757KB WMV)

Local rock with lots of shells in it.

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