March 16, 2012 - St. Patrick's Parade in The Villages, Part 1

We were able to find a spot for the four of us at one of the corners of the Sumter Landing Town Square.  Next to us a group had set up for the duration, with food and drink.  They were having lots of green Jello shots.

Across from us is Johnny Rockets and the parade will come up the road and turn left in front of our spot.

A bit more of the spread our neighbors had.

The parade starts with a color guard.

Lots of decorated golf cars.   We are sharing about all of our photos and videos since each shows something different.

The driver had to stick his head out every once in a while to see better but mostly you just saw his hand.

Balloons were popular and a few got away and flew off.

There are even sponsored golf cars.

A good joke.

Another golf car variant.

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