March 13, 2012 - Cedar Key, Florida

We had been told by others that Cedar Key was a worthwhile place to visit.  It was "how Florida used to be" since it was at the end of a 25 mile road. 

From where we were camped it was about 90 miles by road and about 2 hours to Cedar Key.  We drove around until we found a parking place, by the marina and a couple blocks East of Dock Street, on the water.  This is a photo from our parking spot looking towards Dock Street.

The marina.  What can't be seen easily in this photo is each post has a Brown Pelican on it.

Coming on to Dock Street from the south.  The building is Seabreeze Restuarant.

Lots of Brown Pelicans and Double-breasted Cormorants on the old dock in front of Seabreeze.

After checking the menus on multiple restaurants we decided to try Seabreeze which had recently reopened with new owners and managers.  We got a window table and could watch outside. 

Soon we saw Bottlenose Dolphins in the distance.

Photos were difficult.

We did a bit better with videos.

Dolphin Video #1 (2.09MB WMV)

Dolphin Video #2 (1.20MB WMV)

Dolphin Video #3 (2.68MB WMV)

We also could watch the Brown Pelicans and other birds, mostly cormorants.

After a good lunch we walked to the North (other) end of Dock Street.  Here is a view from that location.

Then we went out to the fishing dock. 

Lots of pelicans mixing with people on the dock.

Are you going to feed me some fish?

The original Cedar Key.

The nuclear power plant close to Crystal River is just visible looking south. We saw this from Fort Island on February 29th.

We walked back to the car via Dock Street.  This is the "beach" just south of the marina.

Lots of Black Skimmers and gulls on the roof of the building on the far right of the above photo.

We definitely enjoyed Cedar Key and plan to camp here next time since there are camping choices.

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