December 27 to 31, 2012 - Chowchilla and Hesperia, CA

We left Lakeport on December 27th and after 261 miles we were camped at The Lakes Golf and RV Resort in Chowchilla, CA. 

It was a very nice campground and we might stop again.  Bill drove into town while Diane did her exercises.  We might make a two night stop here and into nearby Yosemite National Park since it is closer than Fresno was.

The next morning, the 28th, we drove 291 miles and were parked back at Misty's in Hesperia.  Our last stop was earlier in the month.

Ellie got groomed. 

Love bug still doesn't like Ellie.

Ellie watching for someone to come home via the garage.


The next day Gregg and Rosalie were due so we pulled out, let them have the nice spot and took the outside spot. 

It has been many years since we both stayed here at once.

Sabrina retrieved her snake so we finally have a photo.


Moose being harassed by an intruder that looks like a white bellied version of him.  Moose is the one at the top.

A not very cooperative hummingbird.

We celebrated New Year's on New York time.  Here is the video (2.51MB WMV).

During this time we ate out at Mimi's, Golden Gate and Freddy's.

Another year behind us.

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