November 29 to December 9, 2012 - Coachella and Hesperia, CA

We pulled out of our campsite at Usery Mountain the morning of November 29th and stopped to dump.  We were second in line but the person in front was having trouble and it took him a while.  Eventually he was done so we moved ahead and we were done quickly.  Then we headed west back to California.  About sunset we dry camped at the Augustine Casino in Coachella.  We had driven 281 miles.

We had a nice dinner at the casino, a place we have eaten before.  Then we did some shopping at a store that is not where we were heading. 

It had been a while since we dry camped and we did fine.

The next day we drove 114 miles and were back by Misty's house in Hesperia.  Our last stay was in October.

We settled right in.

The sunset one day from our spot.

We all went to a club volleyball game where Sabrina was playing, but we ended up mostly watching their opponents since they did not trade sides until very late. 

Video from Volleyball Game (6.25MB 3GP)

The weekend had back to back gingerbread house parties.  This was the Saturday setup:

Some of the completed houses.

Sunday's party:

More houses.

Another nice sunset.

While here we had meals out at Golden Gate, Tom's, and Red Robin with everyone.  We also took a day trip to Ontario CA where we had a nice lunch at Royale Fine Indian.

It was another good visit and we will see everyone further north for Christmas.

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