October 20 to 28, 2012 - Hesperia, CA

We left Fresno and drove the very familiar 257 miles to Misty's place in Hesperia, CA.  Unfortunately the tachometer issue plagued our trip so we really need to get it fixed.

Here we are the same spot we were last in March 2011.

We had a good visit but didn't take any good people photos.

Here is a hummingbird.

A video of Sabrina's team playing Volleyball: Girls Volleyball Game (4.06MB 3GP)

Since we were last here there have been pet changes.  Pandi died in June and all the people miss her.  Snickers, the big outside male cat, now is the mouser at a candy warehouse.  Really!

Here are the cats that are left.  Brandi:

Love Bug:


Socks (with Love Bug in the back and not a very good photo).  Socks is more visible than when Pandi was around.

And Tortuga the turtle is still around.

New addition is Moose, who is still a male kitten and doesn't stay still enough to get a good photo.

And Ellie, a Llaso Apso puppy.  She is fun.

Since the old cats don't like either Ellie or Moose they are best buddies and play together.

Video of Ellie and Moose wrestling (10.0MB 3GP)

We had a very good visit with Misty, Sabrina and Taylor and will be back.

We did not go out that much but revisited Mimi's and Johnny Carinos, showed everyone that IHOP had stuff they would eat and tried Freddy's Frozen Custard, which we liked.

Now we are off to Palm Desert, CA and then to Cummins in Avondale, AZ to get our tachometer issue fixed, again.

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